OYS is established as one of the most successful race and super yacht rigging companies in the world.

RiggingHaving built and supplied rigging to over 300 high profile superyachts, OYS continues to use its knowledge of design and materials to provide the ultimate rigging solutions.

Production or bespoke rigging packages can be proposed in Rod (high tensile Steel), Kevlar® and other lightweight composites.

Prevalent in the marine industry for the past 20 years, rod has been used predominately as a reliable material for standing rigging and marine hardware supplying superyachts, raceboats, multihulls and small cruising yachts.

OYS rod is an austenitic, nitrogen strengthened steel providing a combination of high corrosion resistance and structural properties approximately twice the yield strength of comparable commercial metals such as 316 and 316L stainless steel.

Manufactured in cold drawn form, rod is available in coiled form (straightened and unstraightened) from -0003 to -0060, and in Rod form from-0076 to -1100, in standard lengths from 7 metres to 16 metres*.